Director’s Testimony

                                                               DIRECTOR’S TESTIMONY

Ed CarterI was born on November 23, 1950 in Pampa, Texas to Robert and Sarah Carter. Later my family moved to Witchita Falls, Texas to live with my grandparents. We attended a Baptist church; and at the age of 12 I joined the church and was baptized.
     In 1969 I graduated from Booker T. Washington High School, and I received a four year scholarship to play football from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. On November 14, 1970 my entire college football team was killed when the plane on which they were passengers crashed. I had traveled to Texas to attend my father’s funeral, and I did not make the trip with my team because my mother pleaded with me not to return to make the trip.
          Newspaper Story on Marshall University Football Team Crash                    Ed Carter Read His Own Obituary                         
     On March 10, 1974 I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. I became a member of the Souls for Christ Baptist Church where I surrendered to preach the gospel. The Lord began to open many doors of opportunity for me to preach. In May of 1974 I graduated from Marshall University with a degree in Secondary Education.
     On June 11, 1976 Shirley and I were married. We moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee in August of 1976, and we became members of Highland Park Baptist Church. In September of 1976 I enrolled in Temple Baptist Seminary. The Lord blessed Shirley and me to travel together and serve Him and witness many precious souls saved throughout my days in Seminary. In 1979 the Lord blessed me to be the chaplain of the Student Body. In 1981 the Lord blessed me to graduate from Temple Baptist Seminary with the Master of Divinity degree.

I have been an evangelist for over 30 years and have been blessed to preach in revivals, evangelistic crusades, bus ministries, tents, rescue missions, and jails across the United States. I have also preached in several foreign countries.

Dr. Ed Carter, Director of DULM Inc.
Bro. Ed Carter, Temple Baptist Seminary Graduate



In 1981 Death Unto Life Ministries was officially organized and later received status as a non-profit organization. Death Unto Life Ministries, Inc., is an evangelistic association and missions ministry. Currently there are 4 families serving with Death Unto Life Ministries, Inc. Our goal is to reach people of all walks of life, but we have a special burden to reach our kinsmen according to the flesh, black America, and to establish New Testament churches. The Lord has blessed us with two sons, Mark, a graduate of Tennesse Temple University and Home Office Assistant for DULM Inc., and Jeff, also a graduate of Tennessee Temple University and Bible Seminary, serving with DULM Inc.(more info about ministry of Jeff on Jeff Carter page).

Mark, Jeff, Ed and Shirley Carter
Mark, Jeff, Ed and Shirley Carter